Definitions of Not Updated, Updated, and Remodeled

Not Updated

Little or no updating or modernization. This description includes, but is not limited to, new homes.

Residential properties of fifteen years of age or less often reflect an original condition with no updating, if
no major components have been replaced or updated. Those over fifteen years of age are also considered
not updated if the appliances, fixtures, and finishes are predominantly dated. An area that is ‘Not Updated’
may still be well maintained and fully functional, and this rating does not necessarily imply deferred
maintenance or physical/functional deterioration.


The area of the home has been modified to meet current market expectations. These modifications
are limited in terms of both scope and cost.

An updated area of the home should have an improved look and feel, or functional utility. Changes that
constitute updates include refurbishment and/or replacing components to meet existing market
expectations. Updates do not include significant alterations to the existing structure.


Significant finish and/or structural changes have been made that increase utility and appeal through
complete replacement and/or expansion.

A remodeled area reflects fundamental changes that include multiple alterations. These alterations may
include some or all of the following: replacement of a major component (cabinet(s), bathtub, or bathroom
tile), relocation of plumbing/gas fixtures/appliances, significant structural alterations (relocating walls,
and/or the addition of square footage). This would include a complete gutting and rebuild.